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Galvanizing steel structures or galvanizing iron parts are now very popular corrosion protection process for iron and steel products globally. The galvanizing process is a corrosion protection system discovered some three hundred years ago. Galvaco Industries Sdn. Bhd. is a specialist Hot Dip Galvanizing company in Malaysia and provides galvanizing services. The Hot Dip Galvanizing process is a Corrosion Protection process for Steel and the galvanizing process produces a zinc coat formed and metallurgically bonded to the base steel. This galvanizing process zinc coat is a superior, reliable and durable protective coating on steel..details

Playground Decorative
Street light Poles
Noise Barrier Walls

Noise Barrier Walls with Hot Dip Galvanized "H" Beam Support Posts installed on parapet walls along the edge of bridges and elevated highways, Hot Dip Galvanized Highway Guardrails, Children Play Stations, Decorative Poles, Decorative  Street Light Poles are Hot Dip Galvanized and Duplex Coated. For more information on hot dip galvanized products Contact us  

Bolts and Nuts for many types of Industrial Applications are Hot Dip galvanized for Corrosion Protection ... Centrifuge Galvanizing,  Guardrails, Highway Guardrails are Hot Dip Galvanized .. Applications and Products

1) The hot dip galvanizing process, The properties of the unique zinc coating, Applications of Hot Dip Galvanizing,  Hot dip galvanized bolts, nuts & threaded fasteners, The economics of Hot Dip Galvanizing, ...Hot Dip Galvanizing  

2) Corrosion of steel, Why is a paint coat different from a hot dip galvanized sacrificial zinc coat? ...Corrosion of Steel 

Painting produces a Barrier Coat on steel surface. Careful preparation of the steel surface is very important to prevent premature paint failure whereas compared to the Hot Dip Galvanizing produces it produces a Sacrificial Zinc Coat and in event of scratches or deep cuts on the surface the zinc will corrode first instead of the steel.

3) Design for hot dip galvanizing and hot dip galvanizing Standards and Specifications...Design and Specifications

4) 5 Effective methods of corrosion protection for steel....details

5) Hot dip galvanizing benefits - There are many great reasons such as easily available and easy to apply. Lowest first cost and lowest long term cost. Very low to no maintenance for hot dipped galvanized steel products. Very durable, long lasting and well accepted toughest coating for steel products in many applications. Complete corrosion protections for both external and internal surfaces of steel. Very easy to inspect and to erect galvanized steel structure which is also very reliable and a proven corrosion protection system . Finally the automatic protection of damaged areas during transportation and installation due to the sacrificial protection of steel by zinc, a more active metal 

6) Cold galvanizing paints are normally spray type paint with zinc dust addition...Applications & Products

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STEEL IN CONCRETE - Facts and Information

DESIGN & SPECIFICATIONS  For Specifications relevant to the the Hot  Dip Galvanizing Process and for other Hot Dip Galvanized steel products. 



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